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Murray's Health & Wellness Concierge Personalized Medical Care

A Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician For A Healthier You at any Age...

Our Physician

Emilia Murray is a board certified internal medicine physician, trained at Mount Sinai (Cabrini) residency program in New York, NY. Dr. Murray graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Puerto Rico. She received doctorate in medicine at Universidad Central del Caribe school of Medicine, PR. 

After practicing as an attending physician and consultant in a New York City   multispecialy clinic, she then moved to Florida where she has been practicing medicine for over 13 years. 


Our Mission

 Dr. Murray has been an advocate of a proactive approach to each individual health and wellness. She has integrated her personal passion for a healthy and proactive lifestyle  with a professional passion for preventive medicine and the care of acute and chronic illness. In addition to Dr Murray's expertise as a caring and professional physician she has expanded her knowledge specializing in anti aging and rejuvenate medicine, knowledge she has use to compiled an individualized and medically assisted Wellness program.

Our Office

Our Facility

  • Basic laboratory
  • In house sonography
  • Basic Cardiac testing
  • Cardiac Monitoring 
  • Medications administration
  • Non Invasive Cosmetic injections and filler
  • In house cosmetic dermatologic procedures.
  • Customized weight loss plan

Other Services

  • Customized diet recommendations.
  • Customized nutritional supplements.
  • Non invasive cosmetic procedures including but not limited to medical grade facials, micro-needling, VI medical peel, microdermabrasion, cold light therapy, vascutouch, Botox, Dysport, derma fillers application.

Concierge Practice

Concierge care...

Concierge care gives you a greater focus on prevention with a personalized plan to assist you reaching your goals towards a healthy lifestyle. Care coordination, a life changing improvement for those with chronic medical problems for whom close  management can reduce their hospitalization rates.


Dr. Murray's concierge practice

  • Board certified primary care physician
  • 24-48 hours appointment according to patient needs
  • Enhanced access to doctor via phone, text, or email
  • Close follow up of your medical appointments, tests and preventative evaluations
  • Personalized medical care  with greater attention to each patient in a compassionate and unhurried environment
  •  Coordination of care in a manner not possible in a conventional medical practice.
  • Individualized and medically assisted Wellness program
  • Specializing in anti aging and rejuvenate medicine
  • Personalized physician guided weight  management. 
  • Executive VIP annual exam.
  • Comprehensive annual physical exams.
  • Comprehensive blood test analysis.


Share The Big News

Dr. Murray is currently accepting new members to our unique Health and Wellness Concierge Practice. We will thrive to provide the highest quality of medical care in a unhurried environment focused solely on our patient needs. 

We are very thrilled of the great welcoming of our concierge medical practice in our community, no patients are left behind.


  1. How do I enroll with Dr. Murrays Concierge Practice?   Patients should call the office for assistance with enrollment.
  2. What about the fees for test, labs fees? Those charges will be billed to your insurance (either private or Medicare) and will be reimbursed according to your benefits. You will be responsiblefor any fees your insurance determines to be the patient’s responsibility.
  3. Will my Medicare or supplementary insurance cover the membership fee?  No. Membership fees are the patient’s responsibility. If you have a Health care Reimbursement Account, check with the advisor who manages it to see if this is a covered expense under the terms of your plan.
  4. Will Murrays Concierge Practice accept Medicare and supplementary insurance reimbursement for office visit?   Yes. we will bill your insurance company and/or Medicare for office visits. Office visit charges and co-pays are not included in the annual fee. Murrays Concierge Medicine is designed to work in conjunction with Medicare and/ or your third party insurance.
  5. I have never met Dr Murray. Is it possible to meet the doctor before making a decision?   Absolutely.  We encourage you to contact our offices to learn more about the exclusive care you will receive with the Dr. Murray Concierge Medicine program. You may also schedule a meeting with Dr. Murray to discuss how this unique program can benefit you and your health. 


Announce coming events

  • A Walk for Autism, bring your walking legs and your generous heart . Donations will be appreciated to benefit our special love ones....
  • 10 % spa services discount on services rendered month of  February and end on March.
  • Proud to announce upcoming Mesotherapy services at our spa with the most efficient and natural formula to assist with cellulite removal.

Our testimonials

Your testimonials and referrals are our best compliments. Let us help those you care for achieving optimal health. 

SPA services

Stay tune for our upcoming specials  upcoming Botox Party at our facility! 

Enjoy a 10% discount on our physician customized 8 weeks weight loss plan  for our patient and friends during the month of February and  March.

Discounted supplements to our concierge members.


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